How do I use the classroom chat?

To increase engagement in the openwebby classroom, students have the option to use the available chat functionality to reach the instructor and fellow students who are online synchronously (at the same time). The chat feature is meant for quick questions or comments with easy responses or answers. If you have a need for more in depth help, by all means, please let me know or come by one of the PODS when you are ready.

Dr. O'Toole Chat Hours
I will be online in the class chat during each of our PODS.

How To Use the Chat

It couldn't be easier! If you are logged in to, simply use the module at lower right in your browser window (see graphic). NOTE: You can start a private chat by clicking other users and typing into the box that appears. You can start a group chat by doing the same with the Public Chatroom.

How to chat

At the bottom right of your browser window, click to chat.